Independent Contractor Compliance

When it comes to employee classification, there are no second chances

W-2 employee… or 1099 contractor?

It’s one question you’ve got to get right…right from the start.  Or you risk getting slammed with hefty IRS penalties.  Even worse?  Employee misclassification is a lucrative revenue source for Uncle Sam – so even one innocent mistake can cost you plenty.

That’s why the compliance experts at IES developed Innovative IC, our comprehensive vetting and Agent of Record program.  Innovative IC ensures every new contractor is classified correctly every time – and keeps your company compliant.

Innovative IC

independent contractor vetting

Powerful vetting process

Every result from our powerful Innovative IC program is verified by our compliance experts

independent contractor engagement

Reduce your workload

IES handles the entire contractor engagement process from start to finish

independent contractor risk

Eliminate risk

Working with IES safeguards your company from costly compliance errors

Comprehensive & Actionable Risk Assessment

End-to-End Agent of Record service

Comprehensive evaluation & classification recommendation

An Agent of Record can protect your company legally and financially from costly compliance penalties

Breathe easy. We’ve got you.

  • WorkSite, our cutting-edge client portal, allows you to manage your entire contingent workforce – anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Our Innovative IC program ensures strict IRS compliance. With a simple yet robust process that will help classify every independent contractor, every time
  • Contractors and clients each fill out Innovative IC’s user-friendly online questionnaire and easily upload all relevant documents
  • Then, the compliance experts at IES thoroughly review it…and recommend the correct classification
  • IES handles the entire invoice collection and payment process, giving you back valuable hours in your work day

No more second-guessing

From small independent offices to Fortune 500 companies, IES helps companies nationwide stay compliant. Find out how our Agent of Record services shield you from the risk and liability of employee misclassification.
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