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Navigating Essential Hiring Surges Amidst COVID-19

A tech company was hired to develop COVID-19 support platforms that would provide help and resources to people who have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. They knew they had to scale quickly when they were tasked to create the resource platform for multiple states. They needed to ramp up their talent acquisition strategies and hire and onboard new talent in multiple states, fast and compliantly, in order to meet the growing demands.

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Misclassification Errors and Costly Audit How to Achieve Worker Classification Compliance

A California-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to enrich the lives and expand the horizons of school age children by providing programs in creative activities that build artistic and academic skills, develop discipline, problem-solving skills and decision making, and a sense of achievement and personal worth. For 50 years, the non-profit had engaged the instructors…

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The Talent Pool How to Increase Your Competitive Advantage

A franchised staffing organization that specializes in placing quality people in skilled crafts, trades, and light industrial positions on a temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent basis. Their priority is on getting critical time back to focus on growing this small business. They also need to increase their competitive advantage with the ability to offer a superior benefits…

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Contingent Hiring Solutions Save Staff Time and Resources

Science and technology solutions provider that works in both the government and commercial sectors to provide scientific, engineering, systems integration, and technical services. Client regularly experienced hiring surges when embarking on special projects and contracts, and needed a solution for quickly hiring, on-boarding, and payrolling the additional employees necessary to fulfill these contracts, while ensuring…

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Nationwide HR and Payrolling Cost Savings Where You Might Not Expect Them

World leader in technology-based product for mobile payment systems and services with 80 international locations. This client had previously enjoyed a nine year business relationship with Innovative Employee Solutions, but ended it based solely on rates. One year later, the client returned, needing the fast, reliable and accurate services they knew IES would provide.

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Outsourced HR Solutions All the Control. None of the Liability.

A leading global manufacturer of transportation-based technology applications. Knowing how to best hire for their own projects, and wishing to retain tighter control of their contingent workforce, the client needed to retain the ability to source their own talent. They also wanted to adhere to their own stringent standards for pre-employment screening and expense reporting.

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